Aircraft Valuation & Audit  Services

Asset Insight, LLC provides a broad spectrum of machinery and equipment valuation services. As one of the world’s most experienced, aviation-focused valuation firms, the company has been involved in thousands of aircraft appraisals, from light single engine to heavy airline transport aircraft, and has earned a reputation for quality service, responsiveness and innovative use of technology. Asset Insight also provides aircraft maintenance evaluation and asset financial optimization services. The company’s proprietary “Asset Grading System Process” and related analyses, offer clients the ability to translate any asset’s maintenance condition into easy-to-understand, actionable, financial information.

Quality Valuations

All Asset Insight appraisers are ASA Accredited, which means they have passed the rigorous educational requirements, possess extensive experience qualifications, adhere to high moral and ethical standards, and continue compliance training with testing benchmarks.

Expert Reporting Standards

Appraisal reports are USPAP compliant, so you can be assured quality reports that meet strict industry standards.

Full Selection of Valuation Services

Asset Insight has a full line of Valuation and Appraisal products to meet your needs. Valuation reports and services range from an independent, unbiased and impartial Opinion of Value to a comprehensive Audit and Appraisal Report with customized options such as an Extended Market Analysis and Maintenance Analytics. Popular services include:

  • Opinion of Value: The Opinion of Value provides a general opinion of the current Market Value of an asset. This product includes no market research or general scrutiny of the overall specification and maintenance status of the asset.
  • Residual Value Analysis: This service focuses on estimating a future Fair Market Value for a designated aircraft type through a specified calendar time frame. The analysis is based on market data and current indicators.
  • Desktop Appraisal Report: A Desktop Appraisal provides either a current (or retrospective) Fair Market Value based on specifications furnished by the client or external third party.
  • Audit & Appraisal Report: This Report involves a full audit of the aircraft, aircraft flight logs, aircraft and engine maintenance records, and related FAA records. A current (or retrospective) Fair Market Value is established for the aircraft based on its specific characteristics (i.e., total time, age, condition, modification status, etc.).
  • Audit & Appraisal with Extended Market Analysis Report: In addition to the Audit & Appraisal information described above, this Report includes a review of the current market for a particular aircraft model, along with a comparison against cohort aircraft.
  • Custom Reports: If you are uncertain of the information you need, or require a customized report, Asset Insight will work with you to create services, or customize existing services, to meet your valuation needs.
American Society of Appraisers (ASA)
American Society of Appraisers (ASA)