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Diminution of Value Reports & Services

The subject of damage is always highly controversial. The main issue is how a damage or loss event will affect the current and future values of aircraft, equipment, or business operations. There are a variety of factors that need to be considered to accurately address the diminution factors. Those include, but are not limited to, type of damage, magnitude, structural impact, inspection requirements, repair methodology, regulatory compliance, age of the incident, market considerations, and the subject aircraft’s overall history.

Asset Insight offers multiple report formats, depending on the scope of the project, to best suit your needs. Client submitted records can be analyzed or a full audit and records review may be accomplished. A Fair Market Value assessment can be employed in conjunction with the Diminution Value. Diminution Reports are typically required by owners, operators, and attorneys to derive the financial implications following a damage or loss event. These Reports detail the incident, the repair methods employed or proposed, and the resulting Diminution Value after all factors are analyzed.

Expert Witness & Legal Support Services

Asset Insight has the aviation knowledge, experience, certifications, and accreditations to assist your legal or executive finance team with aviation cases. We can provide case council, assist in case development, perform claim evaluation, work as a consultant, and offer expert witness testimony.

While Asset Insight specializes in aviation valuations, our knowledge and experience extend to aviation maintenance, piloting and operations, regulatory issues, aviation business and management, finance, insurance, lending, taxation, and value diminution. We can provide industry insight and recommend additional aviation experts through our industry connections.

Asset Insight can assist in your presentation development, submit written reports, and provide oral presentations during testimony. We pride ourselves on accuracy and integrity and our position in the industry reflects that. All our Appraisers are ASA Accredited and our reports are USPAP compliant, so you can be assured of both quality valuations and reports that adhere to strict industry requirements.

Appraisal Review

Adherence to industry accepted appraisal standards and principles is an important part of maintaining strict quality assurance – and credibility is paramount to an appraiser. To that end, Asset Insight offers Appraisal Review services. An Appraisal Review is an independent, objective, written critique report; it measures an existing appraisal report against professional standards, logical fallacies, and the credibility of the appraiser. Appraisal Reviews can be completed for self-critique, product validation, quality control, or legal justification.

Barbara A. Spoor, Executive Vice President, Asset Insight, LLC, is not only accredited in Appraisal Review and Management, but is past Chair of the International Appraisal Review and Management Board at the American Society of Appraisers. Barbara’s industry knowledge, understanding, experience, and accreditations, make her highly qualified for Appraisal Review services.

Aircraft Selection & Acquisition Services

Purchasing an aircraft is a complex process. We work with you to identify and acquire the best possible aircraft based on your individual needs. And if required, we are here to partner for your continued success beyond the asset’s delivery. Our expertise extends to establishing flight departments, management consulting, valuation analytics, and extensive planning services allowing us to guide clients during their entire aircraft ownership lifecycle.

Operating Cost Identification & Comparison

Asset Insight can translate vast amounts of complex technical and operating cost data into objective, understandable, and actionable information. These analytics allow our clients to make informed decisions without having to read jargon and interpret terminology that is often difficult to understand, if not confusing. Asset Insight’s personnel will enable you to derive effective meaning from the specific operating and/or cost figures you are seeking to identify. We can structure model-by-model comparisons so that you are able to clarify each aircraft’s ability to meet your mission’s operational and financial requirements.

American Society of Appraisers (ASA)
American Society of Appraisers (ASA)