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March 24, 2015 – National Aircraft Finance Association Annual Conference, Scottsdale, AZ. Asset Insight, Inc. today announced that it is making its Baseline Maintenance Rating available free of charge on  The Baseline Maintenance Rating is specific to an aircraft make, model, and takes into account the asset’s total flight hours and cycles, along with its date of manufacture.

Individuals interested in acquiring or selling an aircraft will find this to be a particularly useful tool, allowing them to quickly evaluate and compare assets based on an aircraft’s most significant financial “wild card” – its maintenance condition.  The process for obtaining a Baseline Maintenance Rating is simple, the figure is generated online and at absolutely no cost to the user.

Speaking at the National Aircraft Finance Association’s 44th Annual Conference, Tony Kioussis, President of Asset Insight, Inc., stated

The beauty of this tool is that it simplifies tremendously complex data, using sophisticated maintenance analysis algorithms to produce a totally objective,  easily understood aircraft maintenance rating, instantly…and it’s free.

Tony went on to say,

Advancements in computing power, together with our team’s unique skills, has made this new product offering possible.  The tools we have introduced, not to mention those we have in development, are game-changing.

The simple interface on Asset Insight's website walks a user through how to enter an aircraft's make, model, version, flight hours and cycles, and date of manufacture. Pressing the “calculate” button will instantly return the Baseline Maintenance Rating for the entered aircraft, along with material explaining the methodology and meaning of the returned score.

This tool is particularly useful for buyers and sellers of general aviation aircraft as they consider their acquisition options or their desired selling price.

Buyers who are in the market to purchase an aircraft might be considering several aircraft, and this tool will be very useful in helping them understand the maintenance status of candidate aircraft, eliminate certain aircraft, identify the leading candidate assets, and focus on a few leading aircraft worthy of further research.

Prospective sellers can use this tool to identify the Baseline Maintenance Rating in order to broadly evaluate assets their aircraft is likely to compete against, and then obtain more detailed information on those specific assets in order to develop an effective justification for their aircraft’s “ask price” and valuation.

The aircraft’s Baseline Maintenance Rating utilizes the Asset Grading System Process (Patent Pending) to objectively evaluate and grade an aircraft’s maintenance status on a standardized scale, relative to its optimal maintenance condition (the day the aircraft came of the production line), using the manufacturer’s standard/typical scheduled maintenance.  For more information on the full array of tools available from Asset Insight, including the Baseline Maintenance Rating, please visit  For regular updates on Asset Insight news, updates, tips and new products, please also follow us:  AI on Facebook and AI on LinkedIn.