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Asset Insight to provide discounted services to Aircraft Shopper Online (ASO) clients


AMISSVILE, VA and TINTON FALLS, NJ (Sept. 20, 2013) Asset Insight, Inc. ( and Aircraft Shopper Online ( today announced they had signed an agreement to provide Asset Insight’s services to ASO’s clients at a discounted rate. This relationship offers ASO’s clients access to Asset Insight’s Asset Grading System ProcessTM (AGSP) and related analyses, covering more than 75 aircraft, including large, medium, and small jets, as well as turboprops and helicopters –both currently in production and out of production –manufactured by various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

“Our relationship makes is easier and less expensive for ASO clients to evaluate the projected maintenance costs for a wide variety of pre-owned aircraft, by serial number, and thereby make better-informed buying and selling decisions,”said Tony Kioussis, President of Asset Insight, Inc. “An aircraft's maintenance condition is a major component of its value. Our services enable anyone with a current or proposed ownership interest in such an asset the ability to assess more accurately the value of that specific asset through a better understanding of the aircraft’s maintenance condition and how it compares to other aircraft of comparable make/model and age, especially those competitive models listed for sale.”

“This agreement provides a value-add service to ASO clients by increasing their convenience and lowering their cost to access and utilize Asset Insight’s services,”said Andrew Young, General Manager at Aircraft Shopper Online. “ASO has built a business on improving the aircraft buyer and seller experience. We provide a vast array of aircraft available for sale, the tools to streamline the buying process and a heavily trafficked venue where sellers can get their aircraft sold. The services offered by Asset Insight are conveniently accessed through our Jet and Turbo-Prop market pages and will benefit both buyers and sellers alike.”

Asset Insight, Inc. ( provides asset evaluation and financial optimization services. The Asset Insight Index and related analyses derived by the company’s “Asset Grading System Standard”(Patent Pending) provide the ability to translate the asset's technical condition into easy-to-understand, actionable financial information. Asset Insight is independent of any manufacturer, appraisal firm, financial services firm, or technical services facility, enabling it to provide an unbiased view of an asset’s condition with respect to its technical status and related financial exposure.

Aircraft Shopper Online ( is a leading online source for personal, business jet and transport aircraft for sale by owners and aircraft dealers. averages over 150,000 unique visitors per month and these visitors generate thousands of potential buyer leads for aircraft sellers.




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