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June 22, 2015 - Asset Insight, Inc. and SAI Valuations, LLC announced today that they have entered into a collaborative agreement to provide aircraft owners, buyers, sellers, financial institutions and others with a uniquely complete picture of an aircraft’s value and maintenance risk. Individually, both companies are well respected and widely utilized to provide keen insight to aircraft owners, aircraft sales professionals and financial institutions. Together, SAI and Asset Insight will provide clients with an unbiased opinion of an aircraft’s value and maintenance risk, based upon empirical data, actual maintenance history and anticipated exposure of a specific Serial Number aircraft.

Such a complete value picture has, until now, been unavailable in the aircraft marketplace in one, simple to understand but comprehensive illustration of a specific aircraft’s value and risk. Sales and financial professionals and aircraft owners could, previously, seek the counsel of an accredited valuation organization, such as SAI Valuations, LLC and, by separate analysis, engage Asset Insight to conduct a maintenance exposure evaluation, but the two pieces of the value-landscape have not been available together.

Now through a single, simple-to-use, web-based application, existing and prospective aircraft owners are able to:

  • Acquire Asset Insight’s analytics rating an aircraft’s maintenance – on a standardized scale, valuing its current maintenance equity and future maintenance exposure, and comparing it to the maintenance condition of similar aircraft listed for sale; and,
  • Obtain a SAI eValuesTM product providing Fair Market Value (FMV), or Fair Market Value and Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV) with or without a Residual Value Analysis and projected next quarter value utilizing SAI Valuations’ extensive market and valuation knowledge and state of the art statistical modeling.

Tony Kioussis, President of Asset Insight stated,

It has always seemed to me that the stakes of buying, selling and owning a business aircraft are far too high to proceed with incomplete value and maintenance exposure information. SAI Valuations has built a reputation for excellence in the worldwide aircraft valuation industry. Coupled with the unique risk analysis tools provided by Asset Insight, we are now able to provide aircraft sales professionals, financial institutions and aircraft owners with comprehensive analyses, unprecedented insight, and an impartial depiction of a subject asset.
Coupling our products in this collaborative agreement is very exciting. Together, these tools will provide a very specific and clear assessment of an aircraft and a comprehensive view of an interested party’s risk scenario,

noted John Spoor, President and CEO of SAI Valuations.


This capability is now available through each company’s website ( and An interested party may contact either company to obtain maintenance analytics and valuation data for a specific serial number aircraft. The cost of an Asset Insight Index analysis is $299, comparing an asset to similar aircraft listed for sale costs another $199, while a 60-month Scheduled Maintenance Analysis runs $469. The SAI eValuesTM product line allows users to determine FMV or FMV and OLV with a next quarter trend value (eTrendTM) for $699 or without eTrendTM for $599 by ordering the eVATM Report; or, determine FMV or FMV and OLV with Residual Value curves with eTrendTM for $1099 or without eTrendTM for $999 by ordering the eRVATM Report. Clients that order either the eVA Report or the eRVA Report in combination with the Asset Insight Index receive the eTrend analysis included in the base price for the report; a $100 savings. Subscription/quantity discounts are available for frequent users from both SAI Valuations and Asset Insight.