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Asset Insight, Inc. (AI2) has released its Volume III, 2015 edition of the Aircraft Graybook TM – Asset Quality Evaluator, available online at an annual subscription fee of $299.   The Aircraft GraybookTM utilizes Asset Insight’s proprietary Asset Grading System Process (Patent Pending) to derive the Baseline Asset Insight Index ("Baseline Index") for over 100 fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, based on their date of manufacture and total flight hours.

AI2 President Tony Kioussis stated “for owners who are selling their aircraft, or for those considering the purchase of a pre-owned business aircraft, including many helicopters, the Aircraft Graybook TM is a vital reference guide.  The Graybook will allow users to quickly evaluate the estimated condition of an aircraft, by make, model, and date of manufacture, with the click of a mouse button.”  Tony continued, “With this edition of Aircraft GraybookTM, subscribers will also be able to view fixed-wing aircraft Fair Market Value estimates generated by SAI Valuations LLC (SAI), for each year of manufacture and based on recent market conditions.  Together, the Maintenance Rating, Financial Rating, Maintenance Equity Value and estimated value data can provide a more complete market picture for buyers and sellers.”

On the Asset Insight website (, subscribers can enter the make and model aircraft they are researching and The Aircraft Graybook will display the following based upon each aircraft’s production date: •    The aircraft’s total estimated utilization based on average annual flight hours.  Total estimated utilization figures greater and less than the average utilization figure are also displayed.  •    The Baseline Asset Insight Index corresponding to each utilization rate. •    SAI’s estimated Fair Market Value for each aircraft year of manufacture.  

Subscribers are also able to download a report for their specific aircraft of interest and selected manufacture date that: •    Explains the assumptions deriving the data; •    Provides a one-page summary that details the Baseline Index for the various utilization flight hours; and, •    On a separate page, details the Fair Market Value estimate provided by SAI.  

The aircraft’s Baseline Maintenance Rating utilizes the Asset Grading System Process (Patent Pending) to objectively evaluate and grade an aircraft’s maintenance status on a standardized scale, relative to its optimal maintenance condition (the day the aircraft came of the production line), using the manufacturer’s standard/typical scheduled maintenance program.  For more information on the full array of tools available from Asset Insight, including the Baseline Maintenance Rating, please visit  For regular updates on Asset Insight news, tips and new products, please also follow us:  AI on Facebook and AI on LinkedIn.<br>