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Complete, Up-to-Date, Unbiased Value Picture of Specific Aircraft or Whole Fleet Now as Simple as a Mouse-Click

June 21, 2016 – Asset Insight, LLC has integrated eValueTM, its electronic aircraft valuations, into its Asset Decision-making And Planning Tool (ADAPT), providing subscribers with current and unbiased valuation data for a serial-number specific aircraft or fleet of managed assets. In addition to the broad scope of analytics that track, grade, and value the maintenance condition of a single asset or fleet of aircraft, ADAPT now provides: an electronic Value Analysis (eVATM) that includes the Current Market Value and Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV); an electronic Residual Value Analysis (eRVATM) that displays the estimated Market Value and OLV for up to 10 years; and, the asset’s eTrendTM, projecting its Fair Market Value 90 days from the date of the evaluation. ADAPT is the only complete asset evaluation tool of its kind, providing aircraft condition information as well as value data, empirically derived from Asset Insight’s proprietary systems and database.

ADAPT is a simple-to-use yet powerful tool that helps aircraft owners, flight department managers, aircraft finance professionals and fleet operators instantly visualize the maintenance condition, current and residual value of a single aircraft or a whole fleet of aircraft, and to understand the impact the maintenance condition has on the aircraft’s value and marketability.

With the addition of eValueTM to the ADAPT system, aircraft owners, managers, buyers and sellers, have the unprecedented ability to form a complete understanding as to the value of their current aircraft and their fleet, as well as assets they are considering for purchase – or competing against when it comes to a sale. Never before has so much useful, timely information been available through a single source.

said Tony Kioussis, Asset Insight, LLC President.

Since eValueTM utilizes the same approach and market data as our appraisal process to derive values, the only way to obtain more detailed asset information is by conducting an actual, and more expensive, Aircraft Appraisal.

ADAPT utilizes Asset Insight’s extensive proprietary database to translate complex maintenance and transaction price data into timely, actionable information displayed in simple graphics and indices, allowing subscribers to make informed management, buying and selling decisions about their business aircraft or fleet of aircraft. ADAPT also has the ability to track stand-alone engines and/or APUs. The database analyzes current actual values, historical values, prevailing economic conditions, and actual aircraft maintenance data to compile the ADAPT reports. Current Market Value (eVATM) and eTrendTM figures are automatically updated monthly based on market trends that are not more than 30 days old. Estimated Residual Value (eRVATM) figures are automatically updated quarterly based on prevailing market trends.

ADAPT has been implemented at airframe and engine OEMs, financial services companies, and flight departments, and has also been acquired by individual buyers and sellers. The tool is available via annual subscription, with prices varying based on the client’s fleet size. Sample eValueTM reports are attached here. More information may be found at, or at (540) 905-4555.




Asset Insight, LLC was formed in May 2016, through the merger of SAI Valuations, LLC ( and Asset Insight, Inc. ( Since 1991, SAI Valuations has provided a broad spectrum of machinery and equipment valuation services. As one of the world’s largest aviation valuation firms, SAI has been involved in thousands of aircraft appraisals, from light single engine to heavy airline transport aircraft, and has earned a reputation for quality service, responsiveness and innovative use of technology. Launched in 2012, Asset Insight has provided aircraft maintenance evaluation and asset financial optimization services. The company's "Asset Grading System Process" (Patent Pending) and related analyses, provide the ability to translate the asset’s maintenance condition into easy-to-understand, actionable financial information. Asset Insight, LLC is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, with offices in Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, Portsmouth, NH, Melbourne, FL, Washington, DC, London, UK, and Vienna, Austria