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The Asset Decision-making And Planning Tool
A powerful asset optimization tool that places timely, actionable information in the hands of the customer.
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Objectively analyze and grade an asset's maintenance status on a standardized scale – just like a credit score
  • The Maintenance Rating grades the time used/accrued toward future maintenance events
  • The Financial Rating grades the time/used accrued toward future maintenance based on the "cost" of each event
  • The Maintenance Equity displays the aircraft’s embedded/remaining maintenance (dollar) value


Learn how each of the aircraft's major sectors influences its overall value
  • Understand the condition of each Major Sector for each asset and how it impacts the greater sum
  • Know what areas of an asset are adding or detracting value
  • Determine what aircraft sectors may be impacting its marketability


Determine your aircraft's marketability
  • Understand the re-marketability impact of any Hourly Cost Maintenance Program coverage
  • Determine if your aircraft is likely to see a prolonged market selling period
  • Learn if you might be the aircraft's "final owner"


Review your aircraft's maintenance quality compared to units listed for sale
  • Get a clear picture where you stand compared to the current market environment
  • Determine if a pricing adjustment is warranted
  • Justify your Ask or Offer price for an aircraft
Asset Insight Index


Identify your aircraft's future Scheduled Maintenance Expense
  • Compare future maintenance costs between aircraft
  • Understand what areas will require a financial expense
  • Identify time periods where asset costs increase and where the aircraft might be more marketable


Understand how your aircraft's value is predicted to change over time
  • Forecast when might be the right time to sell or purchase a specific aircraft
  • Determine how the aircraft's value is likely to change within the next 90 days or years in the future
  • Differentiate between "low price" and "good value" assets