What Is eValues™?

eValues™ is a powerful system that allows users to obtain their aircraft’s value and marketability in real time. eValues™ provides Current Market Value and estimated Residual Value figures, by specific aircraft serial number, and allows users to compare their asset with aircraft listed for sale, as well as predict future maintenance events and expense, for a single asset or a portfolio / fleet, and all information is updated daily.

What differentiates eValues™ from other services?

The eValues™ System is founded on a true Artificial Intelligence Platform. Also, substantially differentiating the information provided to the user is that eValues™ services are not based on pre-calculated tables, but pull, analyze and calculate figures at the moment of request, providing real-time information. Timely data is continuously collected by eValues™ from the vast sources of data produced by business aviation. Previously, this information had to be aggregated from various sources, limiting knowledge for individual aircraft owners and small businesses. By offering this intelligence to all members of the eValues™ Community, Asset Insight is providing the means for eValues™ users to communicate knowledgeably and efficiently about their aircraft.

Entities benefiting from eValues™

  • Single aircraft owners
  • Fleet owners / operators
  • Aircraft financing entities
  • Lessors
  • Dealers / Brokers
  • Acquisition consultants
  • Buyers / Sellers
Asset Insight eValues
Users can view values and other figures by placing their cursor on any point on the graph

Who can benefit by using eValues™ and why?

eValues™ is used by anyone with an existing or potential financial interest in an aircraft, or a portfolio / fleet, to obtain up-to-date, decision-making information relative to each asset’s value and marketability today and over the next 5 years.

Available analytics that are updated daily include:

  • An aircraft’s trending current and future Market Value, along with:
    • Its value as a result of completed and upcoming scheduled maintenance;
    • How the aircraft’s amortization compares with its estimated Residual Value;
    • The value impact of any Hourly Cost Maintenance Program enrollment; and,
    • Its anticipated marketability by virtue of its ETP Ratio.
  • How any aircraft compares with other, same Make / Model assets listed “For Sale”
  • An aircraft’s anticipated Scheduled Maintenance events:
    • Based on planned utilization; and,
    • By individual Inspection completion date and estimated annual cost.
Compare your aircraft’s current Quality and Value with like models listed for sale
Compare your aircraft’s current Quality and Value with like models listed for sale

Why is eValues™ an important asset management tool?

eValues™ allows users to be well-informed about the two greatest value influencers: maintenance condition and market environment.

Aircraft maintenance and value analytics are both challenging and time-consuming to derive. Additionally, such figures can change quickly for numerous reasons. eValues™ allows anyone with a financial interest in an aircraft to remain informed as to the aircraft’s value and when future maintenance will occur, as well as what it is likely to cost – utilizing Asset Insight’s maintenance expense estimates or their own (internal, user-defined) cost figures.

View Scheduled Maintenance Expense and Timing
View Scheduled Maintenance Expense and Timing
View Aircraft Marketability based on its ETP Ratio
View Aircraft Marketability based on its ETP Ratio
  • Rolland Vincent
    “Asset Insight is an important resource for people seeking all manners of insights — you have taken up the science several notches!”
    Rolland Vincent
    JETNET iQ Creator / Director
  • David G. Mayer
    “The Asset Insight’s team provided staffing, valuations, and audits (in person, despite COVID-19), and common sense advice very quickly in a complex, international, large cabin purchase, and a follow-on domestic large cabin purchase. With no time for errors or delays, and millions in bonus depreciation at stake, Asset Insight delivered the quality input in a team approach that the client needed to close the purchase and related finance transactions on time.”
    David G. Mayer
    Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton, LLP
  • New Aircraft Purchaser/Operator
    “Thank you for your quick support of our fast moving projects and being on our team. I would like to let you know that you/your team have a great reputation as noted by heads of aviation at several of the big banks.”
    New Aircraft Purchaser/Operator
  • Business Aircraft Broker
    “We have found the Asset Insight eValues system to be an accurate, real-world tool, providing us with the trusted information our clients deserve.”
    Business Aircraft Broker
  • Bank VP – Aircraft Finance
    “I found the inspection sections of the report very extensive and interesting. The same for the valuations.”
    Bank VP – Aircraft Finance
  • Aircraft Engine OEM
    “Thank you for very quick turn time. The documents are perfect.”
    Aircraft Engine OEM
American Society of Appraisers (ASA)
American Society of Appraisers (ASA)