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SAI Valuations to incorporate Asset Insight Index Analytics in aircraft appraisals


AMISSVILE, VA (May 15, 2013) Asset Insight, Inc. ( today announced it had signed an agreement to provide Asset Insight Index analytics to SAI Valuations ( for use by the company in its aircraft appraisals and related services.

“We view SAI Valuations’use of our company’s services as evidence of the value the Asset Insight Index offers aircraft appraisers, and the asset appraisal process,”said Tony Kioussis, President of Asset Insight, Inc. “An aircraft’s current maintenance condition is a major component of its value.  Our services enable appraisers to more accurately value the asset through a better understanding an aircraft’s current maintenance condition and how it compares to aircraft currently listed for sale.”

“At SAI we are always looking for new and innovative products that add value to the already-sophisticated studies we provide our clients”  said John Spoor, CEO of SAI Valuations, LLC. “In the short period we have had access to the Asset Insight Index, we’ve been able to support the accuracy and reliability of our own findings, as well as provide our clients with a more precise forecast of how an asset’s current technical condition will affect its future value.”  

Asset Insight, Inc. ( provides asset evaluation and financial optimization services. The Asset Insight Index and related analyses derived by the company’s “Asset Grading System Standard”(Patent Pending) provide the ability to translate the asset’s technical condition into easy-to-understand, actionable financial information. Asset Insight is independent of any manufacturer, appraisal firm, financial services firm, or technical services facility, enabling it to provide an unbiased view of an asset’s condition with respect to its technical status and related financial exposure. The company is managed by business, technical and financial professionals with significant experience in aviation asset management.

SAI Valuations ( provides numerous aviation services, including: Valuations;Audits;Diminution to Value analyses;and Expert Witness services. The company applies a team approach with respect to Valuation Services, by involving two, and sometimes three, professional financial analysts on each assignment. SAI is managed by aviation industry professionals, and has a contract support team of over 150 professionals that work closely with SAI’s full time staff to complete assignments globally in a prompt, professional, and confidential manner.




Tony Kioussis

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John Spoor

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