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Asset Decision-making And Planning Tool (ADAPT) Now Available by Subscription

January 11, 2016 – AMISSVILLE, Virginia. Asset Insight has introduced a newly developed service, the Asset Decision-making And Planning Tool ("ADAPT"), providing anyone responsible for managing a fleet the ability to keep aircraft maintenance condition and related financial information up-to-date and accurate using real-time analytics. ADAPT allows fleet owners, operators, aircraft management companies, banks, lessors, dealers and brokers to manage the financial aspects of aircraft maintenance for their entire fleet, a sub-set of their fleet, and by individual aircraft. The only tool of its kind in the business aviation marketplace, ADAPT utilizes Asset Insight’s broad range of services to translate complex technical data into simple, usable and understandable terminology and graphics designed to help users avoid surprises and optimize the value of their fleet and each aircraft in their portfolio.


“Since Asset Insight’s start, flight department managers, aircraft finance professionals, and fleet operators have been asking us for a simple tool to help them easily visualize the maintenance condition of multiple aircraft concurrently, and the impact maintenance condition has on the value and marketability of each asset in their fleet. ADAPT is a direct response to those requests, providing real-time information for a specific aircraft and the entire fleet, along with tools to help users make informed decisions about their entire portfolio or an individual asset”

says Tony Kioussis, president of Asset Insight.

“In preparation for the public launch of ADAPT, we spent countless hours with prospective users, fine-tuning the system’s interface and reporting. In the process, ADAPT has been very well received, including numerous prelaunch subscribers.”


ADAPT can be used to maintain up-to-date financial information covering maintenance condition of all aircraft in a fleet. It allows users to obtain and store maintenance-related analytics for over 100 make/model aircraft – including helicopters. Once an aircraft is entered on ADAPT, the financial impact related to maintenance status may be updated daily through by one click on the user’s screen. Available analytics include (by individual aircraft, the entire fleet, or a subset of the fleet) Asset Insight Index figures, comparable “for sale” fleet average comparisons, anticipated scheduled maintenance analytics, the value of any hourly Maintenance Cost Program coverage, projected asset quality ratings, projected Asset Insight Index figures, and marketability potential based on maintenance condition and market values. The tool allows users to track individual aircraft estimated inspection completion dates and event maintenance costs, as well as the ability to modify maintenance costs based on specific needs, such as geographic location.

ADAPT is available via annual subscription, and prices vary based upon the needs of the user. More information may be found at, or by contacting Asset Insight at (540) 905-4555.




About Asset Insight: Asset Insight, Inc. ( provides aircraft asset evaluation, planning, decision-making, and financial optimization services. The company’s "Asset Grading System Standard" (Patent Pending), and related analyses, provides the ability to translate an asset’s technical condition into easy-to-understand, actionable financial information. Asset Insight is independent of any manufacturer, appraisal firm, financial services firm, or technical services facility, enabling it to provide an unbiased view of an asset’s condition with respect to its technical status and related financial exposure. The company, founded in 2012, is headquartered in Amissville, Virginia (southwest of Washington, DC) and is managed by business, technical and financial professionals with significant experience in aviation asset management.